Meet the Special Events Staff

 Becky Dickerson
Special Events Director

Becky is Tiburon’s Special Events Director and a gifted wedding consultant and planner. She oversees Tiburon Golf Club's Special Events and has planned over a 500 weddings and business functions.

“Becky was great to work with, as was as all of the staff that was part of our reception that day and night. We hope to come back to Tiburon again when either or both of our other daughters get married” Kathy and Brett Wawers:

Becky graduated from Bellevue University with a Bachelors degree in Business.

What others are saying about Becky!

 Jason Greatorex
Food and Beverage Manager

Jason joins the Tiburon family after spending the last 4 years at the popular sports bar DJ’S dugout as a shift manager and bartender. “ I knew it was only time until someone offered him something special” Said DJ’s Owner Darwin Hansen.

Prior to entering the Food and Beverage industry, he spent 9 years in the Air Force as a Communications Specialist, and recently attained his Bachelor's Degree in Project Management from Bellevue University.  He is an avid Nebraska fan but grew up in Bangor Maine.

His goal is simple “I want everyone who visits us to walk away with nothing but good things to say about their experience. And we are going to work hard to make sure that happens”


Shauna Ostrander

Head Executive Chef

Shauna joined Tiburon's Team in August 2016. She is originally from Omaha but spent a couple of years in Orlando Florida at the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School studying to be a chef. She graduated with honors!

She started her career at Tommy Bahama Restaurant. After intense training, she decided Omaha was home.

Shauna is a newlywed and loves her two dogs River and Remi. Shauna's #1 goal here at Tiburon is fresh and consistent food.

Please come check out her new Sports Bar Menu.

Dave Ostrander

Sous Chef

Dave joined Tiburon's Team in August 2016. Dave has enjoyed being in the kitchen since he was 14. He is originally from Petoskey, MI. He moved down to Orlando, FL in 2013 to study at the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School.

Davis is also newly married and wanted to continue his career with his new wife Shauna in Omaha, NE. Dave brings many years of talent and experience to Tiburon in the kitchen.

When Dave isn't working in the kitchen he loves a good game of frisbee golf or a game of bowling. Dave's #1 goal at Tiburon is to create a FUN working environment to the staff.